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At Cerebra, we are driven by a desire to shape a sustainable world where everybody can make better decisions. We give retailers the power to boost their businesses using data-driven direction without guesswork. Cerebra’s No-Code Decision Intelligence solution analyzes all available external signals and applies this to the company’s internal data, providing the path to optimal results based on the desired business outcome. This is how we leverage the full potential of connected data.

Led by:
Deger Turan
Founder & CEO

I founded Cerebra with the conviction that every point of data should be accounted for. To empower better collective decision-making and deliberation, we need to give people the ability to extract which story behind the signals matter.

By bringing data-driven direction to the retail space, we can tap into its huge potential: improved organizational intelligence, optimized inventory to reduce waste and minimize loss of revenue, enhanced customer lifetime value, and accelerated growth profitability. Yet, we're hardly using the full scope of the signals we're generating.

I believe that in today's age, it is inexcusable for any C-level manager to take any decisions against the betterment of the company they are managing because they missed paying attention to a critical signal or it was not pointed out to them. And although retailers have been investing in data solutions for the last ten years, this practice remains siloed, limited by the simple constraints of human bandwidth. Cerebra is on a mission to change that with Decision Intelligence.

Our mission is shaped by my earlier work involving federal agencies. We regulated feedback collection processes for legislations touching more than 20 million citizens' responses. Also, we continued to refine this for hedge funds to reallocate $2B investment assets for hedge funds and supply chain deployments based on how the public will react to new policies and launches. From these experiences, I learned that most major organizations continue investing in their infrastructure. Yet, they have not been able to leverage this repository of information, missing out on the opportunity to arbitrage this information. This is why we built Cerebra.

Cerebra is the Decision Intelligence solution that leads every retailer to Shein's speed and Amazon's competency. We minimize waste for a sustainable perspective, improve efficiency, and grow businesses by bringing them closer to what their clients are looking for.

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