The Customer Friendship Platform

Dixa is a customer service tech company on a mission to empower brands to create great experiences for their customers and agents by giving them the ability to communicate in an easy and conversational way.

The SaaS platform threads conversations together across multiple channels, including phone, live chat, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS in one single view, creating an easy overview of all customer communication. In addition it employs smart routing and workflows powered by data and algorithms so the right conversations reach the right agents, enriched with insights and sentiment to provide context. This helps agents deliver a personalized experience every time and in turn increase customer retention.

Dixa has offices in Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Kyiv and Lviv, working primarily with e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, retail and consumer tech brands. Dubbed the "customer friendship" platform, Dixa empowers brands to engage with customers, much like the way friends connect.

Led by:
Mads Fosselius
Co-Founder and CEO

Mads is co-founder and CEO of Dixa and has been working in the customer service tech space since he was 20 years old as a developer, manager, founder and C-level in small and large companies. Prior to founding Dixa he was SVP of the Solution Division in the big telco company TDC, that acquired his previous company Cirque in 2016. Before TDC and Cirque, Mads founded 3pas, a modern contact center system integrator, which was acquired by Cirque in 2010. Mads holds a Master of Science of Innovation as well as a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

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Jacob Vous
Co-Founder and CTO

Jacob is CTO and Co-founder of Dixa, with a background in computer science. Prior to founding Dixa, Jacob was Director of Software Development at Cirque A/S and overall responsible for all development within the company.

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Jakob Nederby
Co-Founder and Director of Engineering

Jakob is Director of Engineering and Co-founder of Dixa, and has a 10+ year background as a web developer. He previously worked at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), which is Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise.

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Krisztian Tabori
Co-Founder and Director of Creatives

Krisztian is Director of Creatives and Co-Founder of Dixa. He is a web designer by trade, but has 10 years of experience working across various branding and design projects, most recently at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

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