Symmetric Encryption reborn for the cloud

Arqit uses transformational quantum encryption technology to keep safe the data of governments, enterprises and citizens. Headquartered in the United Kingdom with subsidiaries in the United States, Arqit was founded in 2017 by UK satellite industry veterans David Williams and David Bestwick.

Led by:
David Williams

Prior to co-founding Arqit, David was the co-founder and chief executive officer of Avanti, a start-up company which pioneered the use of Ka-band satcoms to deploy a fleet of four high throughput geostationary telecom satellites serving EMEA.  Avanti won the contract to build the satellite components of the “ESN” UK Homeland Security Network just seven years after the company was founded.

David served as Founder Chairman of the Advisory Board of Seraphim Space Ventures, a $100m high technology venture capital firm based in London, a project which he initiated with UK Government support in 2014.

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