DataOps enables enterprises to balance governance and agility on Snowflake, the Data Products company, delivers productivity and governance breakthroughs for data developers and teams through environment automation, pipeline orchestration, continuous testing and unified observability. We bring agile DevOps automation and a powerful unified cloud Developer Experience (DX) ​to modern cloud data platforms like Snowflake.​, a global cloud-native company, is used by Global 2000 enterprises including Roche Diagnostics and OneWeb to deliver 1000s of Data Product releases per month with the speed and governance the business demands.

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Guy Adams

Guy is a multi-award winning Technology leader, Architect, lecturer, and world-wide speaker. Proud hands-on geek! Passionate about taking key technologies and bringing to bear to solve real world problems including Big Data, Microservices, Containerization and, in particular, DataOps and true Cloud Native Architecture and Design.  A technology leader for over 20 years in advanced satellite networks and constellations Guy has driven Software Agile and DevOps transformation across many teams and organizations. Guy then translated this experience and expertise to the, then brand new, infrastructure as code world, focusing on bringing the same value, governance, and repeatability as he was used to in the software world.  As CTO of he leads product development and works with some of the most advanced organizations in the world to realize the true value of DataOps.  Guy is the co-author of the 2020 DataOps Philosophy - #TrueDataOps ( and DataOps for Dummies. He a been a longstanding Snowflake Data Superhero. In his spare time, he loves skiing with his 2 daughters, building things and is a crossword fanatic.

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Justin Mullen

Justin Mullen is CEO and cofounder at He has been building data systems for the last 30 years and was the first Snowflake partner in EMEA in 2017.  He was a founder of the #TrueDataops Philosophy ( and author of DataOps for Dummies eBook. Justin is a technologist to his core and has a significant background in enterprise data management for 30 years, largely in the areas of data analytics, data integration, big data governance & risk, performance management, & digital processes (workflow, etc.). His focus has been utilizing cloud-based data technologies to store, manage, cleanse and drive insight out of the data and information generated by organizations. He is Co-founder and CEO at which was born out of nearly a decade of professional services and hundreds of successful data projects to meet the needs of modern, data-driven companies, trying to orchestrate pipelines with vast volumes of IoT and Non-IoT data.  In his spare time he loves working with wood building things, spending time with his two daughters, and passionately supporting the Irish rugby team.

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