TechWolf creates high quality skill data by leveraging systems where employees do their work

TechWolf is a Belgian-based AI company providing API-first Skill infrastructure for large company CHROs who are dissatisfied with their ability to make data-driven people decisions, despite investing in a myriad of talent applications. TechWolf’s advanced AI creates high-quality skill profiles by leveraging data from systems where employees do their work, unlike traditional applications that are only using limited and siloed HR data. Notable customers include GSK, HSBC, bp, United Airlines, Metlife, Synopsys, IQVIA, Workday, KBC, and KLM.

Led by:
Andreas De Neve
Co-Founder & CEO

Andreas De Neve is the CEO of TechWolf, which provides organisations with a way to infer skills and build complete skills profiles using AI. Based in Ghent, Belgium, Andreas believes in a world where people are placed in the roles and projects that suit them — while methods matter, it’s the people behind each process and project that makes it a success. He’s brought this ethos to TechWolf, building a high performing team across Europe who are working to bring skills intelligence to leading organisations, creating truly skill-based, fair, workforces.

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Jeroen Van Hautte
Co-Founder & CPO/CTO

Jeroen Van Hautte is a Cambridge alumnus who is focused on delivering enterprise-grade software while overseeing customer solutions and product development.The two sides of his function keep him close to both delivering world class AI software as well as leading the line for product development.

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Mikaël Wornoo
Co-Founder & COO

Mikaël Wornoo leads TechWolf’s go-to-market strategy, with an emphasis on new business development in Europe and the Americas. He also oversees the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into other new markets. During the last four years, Mikael has built an international network of HR and business leaders who work with TechWolf to build the skills-based organisations' ecosystem.

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