Enabling organisations to intelligently organise people to connect and share knowledge

ProFinda is an award winning digital platform that intelligently organizes people around work by matching skills to relevant projects and bids. Built on artificial intelligence, ProFinda can index and ingest data to create and automate employee profiles. The system then becomes an intelligent directory that allows employees to ask questions and find the very best people who can help. All interactions can be validated through a peer-to-peer reward system, creating a compelling reason to share knowledge. The out-put is data; an entire map of all skills, knowledge, expertize and connections across a company.

Led by:
Roger Gorman
Founder and CEO

Roger is on an adventure to empower ‘Inclusive Capitalism’, and set alight the Workforce of the Future. His quest is to reinvent and disrupt old operating models for new, leverage cutting edge tech and behavioral psychology to create revolutions at work and in life.

With a background in psychology and digital innovation, for the last 15 years Roger has been developing, and recently launched, ProFinda; an international technology company that has engineered a tool to transform the potential of a workforce. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ProFinda creates a unique digital view of a workforce, focusing on leveraging the value of employees through the utilization of their knowledge, capabilities and skills – and intelligently organizing them around work.

Through the development of ProFinda, and its new approach to disruption, Roger has had the opportunity to recently lecture at The White House and feature at Davos.

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