Hedging commodity risk is hard. Stable makes it simple

Commodities come in all shapes, grades, origins and sizes, which makes them hard to standardise and trade on an exchange. The result is that only 8% of commodities are available to trade on the likes of the CME, which makes purchasing risk management products such as futures or options contracts difficult, without enormous basis risk. Stable's global platform offers hedging contracts on more than 5000 indexes from third party publishers such as the USDA, backed by highly rated counterparties. The result is a simple, targeted and low risk way to manage volatile commodity prices.

Led by:
Rich Counsell
CEO & Founder

Rich founded Stable while working in Chicago. As farmer’s son he knew the problems volatile commodity prices can cause first hand and was struck by how little innovation has happened in the industry. Back in 1848 when the Chicago Board of Trade opened its doors, it had a simple and clear mission to provide buyers and sellers of crops financial certainty. He wanted to use his experience as a trader to apply data science, great UX and a clear and client-focused purpose to get back to the industry’s grassroots and become relevant again for the 21st century.

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