Understanding employee behaviour through artificial intelligence

StatusToday is an innovative cloud-based workplace analytics platform that focuses on the key asset of any organisation people. With a combined focus on psychology, log management and artificial intelligence, the platform helps companies better understand their employees.Using data stemming from network activity, the platform's AI can make highly educated inferences on employee behaviour in the context of operational aspects, ranging from productivity and communication to employee well-being and network security.

In doing so, it provides an unprecedented and unparalleled standard of operational visibility and empowers decision-makers in the organisation.The company was founded in 2015 and is based in London.

Led by:
Ankur Modi
Founder and CEO

Ankur possesses an incredibly varied skillset; in addition to serving as a software engineer for Microsoft, he has experience in many different areas including journalism, research, and administration. His broad expertise allows him to fulfil the duties of spokesperson, leader, and one of the technical visionaries for StatusToday.

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Mircea Danila Dumitrescu
Co-founder and CTO

Mircea has an extensive track record in the field with almost twenty years of experience in system architecture and administration. Some of the names he has served as Enterprise Architect for include well-known e-commerce companies like Just Eat and Shopcade.

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