The no-code platform enabling experts to automate decision making.

BRYTER is the leading no-code platform to automate expert knowledge.The intuitive toolbox enables professionals to build, manage and sell interactive applications without programming skills. It helps consulting firms, banks, corporates and public administration across the globe to digitize and scale their services.

BRYTER is especially geared towards experts in law, finance, tax and compliance working with complex, conditional and scenario-based content who want to automate recurring and standardizable decision-making processes. For them, BRYTER is the facilitator of a digitized and automated business.BRYTER operates offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and London. The software supports professionals at over 30 international Law and Accounting firms, Corporates and Public Administration in the automation of professional decision-making. Amongst its customers are ING, PwC, Deloitte, Accenture, BakerMcKenzie and TaylorWessing.

Led by:
Michael Grupp

Michael began his career as a litigator with Hogan Lovells and Freshfields
before founding the research and recruiting portal Thesius (acquired 2017
by Persona Service AG) as well as the legal tech pioneer Lexalgo (acquired
2018), a provider of decision support systems, which has received several
awards for its technology, developed in collaboration with the European
Space Agency (ESA).

Michael is a member of the Task Force Legal Tech and Innovation within
the Association of Lawyers (DAV) and to the Executive Faculty of the
Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession. He publishes on legal
technologies and data protection and is a lecturer at the Goethe University
Frankfurt. Michael is a leading voice in the intersecting fields of law,
technology and digital business models and a sought-after speaker.

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Dr. Micha-Manuel Bues

Micha graduated from the University of Oxford with a Magister Juris and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Cologne. He went on to be a lawyer in with Gleiss Lutz in Munich, specializing in antitrust law. Then, he became managing director of Leverton, a data analytics company with headquarters in Berlin and New York City.

Micha is co-founder of the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA) as well as a regular author and public speaker in the field of legal tech and innovation. As a member of the Executive Faculty of the Bucerius Law School, Micha advises and researches
topics regarding the digitalization of the legal industry.

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Michael Hübl

Michael Hübl was named one of the most ambitious startup personalities in Germany. He founded his first company at the age of 17 and was one of the top 100 internet personalities in Germany in 2012. With his ridesharing company flinc, which was acquired by Daimler in 2017, he was one of the early innovators in the ridesharing space and much acclaimed forward thinker on the use of technology in the public

Besides that Michael founded the NGO “Impact Week” which fosters innovation and entrepreneurship around the globe.

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