Taking trade-funded promotions online

Fast, real-time and user centric, Elevaate enables more control of product positioning on digital property and allows for greater collaboration between retailers and suppliers and provides a new opportunity to curate shopper experiences.The platform allows retailers and their selected suppliers to easily promote and showcase product centrally within digital real-estate without making difficult or complex changes to the retailers underlying ecommerce infrastructure.

It requires minimal to no support from IT, utilises content from current Content Management Systems (CMS) and removes many of the barriers seen in legacy IT and media based systems. Designed by Scott Weavers-Wright, Simon Harrow, and Ken Platt, the platform is very much a response to the team's experiences at the front-line of ecommerce, where the need to take immediate action to maximise a sales opportunity isn't always met by the tools at hand.

Elevaate is a secure, enterprise-level platform that has been built to deliver the next generation of retail in the digital age.Recently voted Winner Retail Week StartUp of the Year and Shortlisted for Retail Systems - Most Disruptive Retail Technology Awards 2015, Tech & eComm Digital Launch Of The Year 2015, IGD eCommerce Awards 2015Elevaate is helping to close the gap between in-store and digital merchandising.

Led by:
Scott Weavers-Wright
Chairman & CEO

Scott is a serial entrepreneur. He founded Kiddicare.com, which was acquired by Morrison in 2011 and went on to launch Haatch, a technology investor. At Haatch, Scott set up Elevaate to create an entirely new category of online supplier funded promotions.

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