Integrated forecasting and reporting for small businesses
Acquired by Sage

Futrli are on a quest to move the needle on the small business economy, which spans over 130 million small businesses globally. Founded in 2014, Futrli supports over 40,000 businesses and 1,000 accountants in 130 countries through their 100% cloud-based platform that helps small businesses make decisions and take actions that lead to success.Through a powerful suite of reporting, budgeting, cash flow forecasting and predictive modelling tools, SMEs can plan for the future, get a grip on cash flow and see how their business is performing in real time. For accountants working with SMEs, Futrli's CPD-accredited Advisory Certification course helps them achieve their advisory potential.

Futrli operates globally and has offices in Brighton (UK), Sydney and Melbourne (Australia).

Led by:
Hannah Dawson

Hannah is one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the SaaS space and flies the flag for women in technology by leading Futrli with an innovative approach to diversity; this is a passion close to her heart and core to their strategy as they grow the team globally.

She had the original idea for Futrli when she was running another business and had a pain point to solve. Frustrated by not having the right information at her fingertips, she resolved to create a technology platform that made her feel more secure in the crucial business decisions she and her team had to make without having to do any heavy lifting. Hannah leads Futrli as CEO and is the chief visionary in the development of Futrli’s platform.

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