Solving customer identity for marketers and their partners

Adbrain is the world's leading provider of customer ID mapping solutions used by digital marketers to target and measure consumers across devices, channels and platforms. The Adbrain Identity Platform is integrated with more than 100 marketing automation and analytics solutions, as well as leading digital advertising sales and buying platforms, enabling access to billions of digital consumer IDs. With Adbrain's innovative, patent pending customer ID mapping technology, marketers and technologists can deliver a consistent, personalized customer journey across devices.

Led by:
Gareth Davies
Co-Founder & CEO

Gareth Davies is CEO and Co-Founder of Adbrain. Davies has previously held senior positions at Google, and Somo, where he developed expertise in mobile marketing and emerging advertising technologies. Davies also worked with the London Tech Advocates group, helping to promote London’s burgeoning technology sector before founding Adbrain.

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