Easy FX risk management for every business

Bound is working to make FX risk management easy for every business. Even experienced CFOs hate dealing with FX risk. With the rise and expansion of fintech, getting a good exchange rate for a foreign payment due today has become easier. 

However, as businesses mature, their relationship with foreign currencies becomes more complex. Instead of worrying soley about where rates are right now, businesses begin to worry about where exchange rates will be in 3 months, 12 months, or more into the future. Today, CFOs either follow thehope for the best” strategy or spend an inordinate amount of time with financial projections and economic data to protect their businesses from adverse movements in exchange rates. 

Bound is building software and automated strategies to make it easier for CFOs to protect their businesses’ bottom line. 

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Seth Phillips

Seth has spent his career in B2B venture-backed startups as a founder, a product manager and in sales. He sold his first company while completing his undergraduate degree and sold his second B2B tech company 4 years later. After completing his Master’s degree in New York City, Seth spent a year at a fintech-focused VC fund and later joined Paxos. He helped grow Paxos from Series A through to Series D before leaving to start Bound.

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Dan Kindler

Dan has been building software since he was 12 years old. He continued his interest at the University of Pittsburgh where he earned his degree in computer science. After university, Dan went to work at Paxos, a leader in the crypto-infrastructure space, to help build and design software for large institutional commodities hedgers. Dan then continued on the project as a product manager, helping grow the system to process thousands of trades per day worth trillions of dollars per year. After building solutions for professional hedgers, as well helping his father manage the FX risk in their family business, Dan realized he could use technology to make risk management easier, and left Paxos to start Bound. 

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