Transforming the financial industry's approach to non-financial risk management

Acin, established in 2017, is an enterprise SaaS product. it enables companies to manage their risk and control data standards, it delivers benchmarking and controls data analysis' that is pioneering an Operational Risk revolution in finance, through its unique Networked, Defence Model.

Individual banks are spending $10s of millions every year managing Operational Risk and controls. Over $410 billion of Operational Risk capital is held by the world's top 30 banks. Financial institutions worldwide continue to rack up fines in the billions for non-compliance.The industry is waking up to the fact that a change in thinking is needed. Acin's networked, collaborative approach is aligned with regulators views stressing the importance of industry-wide collaboration. Acin is leading this change.

Led by:
Paul Ford
Founder and CEO

Paul Ford is the Founder and CEO of Acin and has over 25 years’ operational and financial services experience. Prior to Acin, Ford founded Anchura Partners in 2010 and grew it to be a highly successful consulting business, before exiting in 2017 to found Acin.

Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the Ultra High Net Worth business at Barclays Wealth, and COO to the CEO inEMEA at Credit Suisse. Ford began his corporate career at Accenture and prior to that he was an Army Officer in the Royal Engineers.

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