Automating financial agreements from end to end

Founded in 2009 by an experienced team of industry experts, Dealflo is the world's first multi-tenant e-commerce platform for the processing of complex agreements (higher risk, higher value transactions which have traditionally necessitated some form of paper contract: e.g. credit, leasing, insurance). In the online world, simple transactions, like the card-based purchase of brown goods or software, are commonplace. However complex agreements predominantly revert to physical processes for execution.

Technologies exist for separate parts of the process (e.g. e-Identification and e-Signature), but these do not constitute an end-to-end service, cannot offer inter-party trading and have been slow to gain significant market share. In addition, legal fears and the costs of separately buying and integrating all components required for a seamless process, have proved challenging.

Dealfo solves this problem with a a modular, cloud-based SaaS solution incorporating all of the components necessary to facilitate the automated, interparty execution of complex agreements.

Led by:
Abe Smith

Abe Smith is an experienced CEO with a 15 year track record working in the financial and technology sectors. Originally from a financial services background Abe has, since 1997, founded and built a series of successful companies selling software and services.

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