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Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and with offices in London and Melbourne, Adfenix was founded by André Hegge and Gabriel Kamienny, based on the insight and vision that today's real-estate market was highly inefficient and customers should expect a much better experience when buying or selling a home. Adfenix services hundreds of global real estate agencies across Europe, North America and Australia / New Zealand. Their cloud-based, marketing automation platform designed exclusively for real estate identifies, qualifies and nurtures leads, implements automated digital campaigns across social media on top of existing systems infrastructure, and puts real estate agencies back at the centre of the increasingly digitised world of real estate. Benefits for real estate agents include reaching the right target group outside of the traditional property portals, sustained lead generation, and shortening the sales cycle while increasing the end price.

Led by:
André Hegge
CEO & Co-Founder

Skipped higher education and jumped right on to start a company at the age of 19.

André is originally from Västerås, Sweden, but moved to Gothenburg when starting Adfenix. Today André is doing whatever is necessary to take Adfenix to new heights, with the product at the heart of his actions.

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Gabriel Kamienny

Passionately accelerating Adfenix growth with focus on sales, recruiting awesome people and creating the best workplace in the world.

Gabriel previously worked in Silicon Valley (USA) and Montreal (Canada), but loves Gothenburg even more. He tends to work past midnight and then take a nap on the office couch. Something you learn to understand after realising his love for the company and the team.

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