The enterprise SaaS solution for the Insurance Industry.

Claimsforce is the leading enterprise SaaS solution for the insurance industry.It is an intuitive insurance platform that is designed to automate the claims management process. Claimsforce combines AI and machine learning with industry experts to assess damage and other claims data.The SaaS solution is already in use at several insurance and regulatory organizations. For experts, the software offers integrated processing with fast documentation and claims assessment.

Claimsforce operates from its HQ in Hamburg, Germany, but currently serves the German market, but plans to span to both the European and U.S. Markets.

Led by:
Nils Mahlow

Nils spent several years of his career in Strategy Consulting, working for EY Innovalue and The Boston Consulting Group. He advised large international Insurance Companies during these times on developing Operations and Claims Strategies in Europe and the United States.

Through his years in Consulting and his PhD time from the Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), Nils was driven by the idea to change the Insurance Industry fundamentally through building a new kind of Technology Firm.

As a result, in late 2018, Nils founded Claimsforce together with Bastian Schweitzer in Hamburg (Germany).

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Bastian Ebel

Bastian started his career in the insurance sector working as a claims expert for all relevant German Insurances. During this time he handled thousands of property & casualty claims, which led him to become a claims expert for larger P&C claims.

After that, Bastian spent several years at a leading management firm of one of the largest German TPA’s.

Due to his Bachelors in Insurance and Finance and 10+ years of experience as claims Expert, Bastian was driven by the disruptive transformation of the Insurance claims industry.

As a result, alongside Nils Mahlow, Bastian co-founded Claimsforce in Hamburg (Germany) in late 2018.

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