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Apperio is a legal spend analytics and matter tracking platform that encourages greater collaboration between corporate teams and their law firm advisors. The service allows in-house legal and finance stakeholders to analyse their legal spend in detail, manage large projects and budgets, and improve the long-term efficiency of their organisation. In doing so, Apperio also helps law firms to win more business and strengthen their relationships with clients.

This is possible by removing the friction from billing and reducing invoice write-downs: ultimately increasing profitability and cash flow predictability.

Led by:
Nicholas d'Adhemar
Founder and CEO

Nicholas d’Adhemar is the founder and CEO of Apperio, an award-winning legal tech startup bringing legal spend transparency to the legal industry.

Prior to founding Apperio, Nicholas spent 6 years working as a lawyer for a large international law firm. After completing his MBA at INSEAD, Nicholas spent 3 years working in Private Equity.

Having experienced firsthand the frustration of disputed fees and delayed invoice payment over completed deals, he found that regularly sharing fee information between law firms and their clients significantly improved working relationships. The fewer the surprises, the happier the client and law firms. From this simple idea, Apperio was born.

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