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Born in Paris but raised in Madrid, I grew up in a melting pot of two distinct cultures, speaking both French and Spanish at home. My taste in dancing might be the perfect example of this dual identity: I loved from an early age expressing myself on the classical ballet style of Marius Petipa, but I equally enjoyed twirling around intense latino salsa. I grew up in a family of late entrepreneurs: both former investment bankers, they decided to give it all up to pursue their dreams. The one who gets it is the one who tries the hardest, they said. It is their entrepreneurial journey that inspired me to become, one day, a founder on my own. That is why I left my cosy nest in Madrid to live the big city life in London and study a double degree (MSc) in Computer Science and Business at UCL . Not only did it give me the necessary technical knowledge, but it also provided me with the entrepreneurial mindset. Avid for adventures from an early age, I explored all corners of the world, from drift diving in French Polynesia to hiking the snowy tops of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is this drive for the unknown that led me to do an exchange at NUS, a university in Singapore covered by luxurious jungle.

As part of the NUS incubator program, my entrepreneurial journey kicked off with the creation of Barfly, a POS-integrated payment app for restaurants and bars.After learning the differences in implementation in the Asian ecosystem, I became more interested in the VC world. In 2019, I joined Partech's Business Development team in Paris, to mainly support their corporate LPs in their digital strategy. It is during that time that Partech did several co-investments with Notion, and I became extremely interested on the B2B SaaS area.And it is with great pleasure that two years later, I've joined the dynamic Notion Capital team with the aim to develop their presence in France, Spain and Portugal. Entrepreneurship is an adventure, with as many unknowns as a trip to the highest mountains. But never forget: the one who gets it is the one who tries the hardest.

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