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I co-founded Paddle with Christian Owens at the age of eighteen on the very same day I picked-up my A-level results. I opened my results in the school car-park, before driving straight from school to Paddle’s first office in Corby. I can honestly say my exam results never made it out of that car that I’ve since sold. Ten years later, Paddle has hundreds of employees all over the world, powers the revenue infrastructure of some of the fastest growing software companies globally, and has been named one of the fastest growing software companies in the UK on multiple occasions by the Deloitte Fast50.

Having never ran a business previously, it meant all of what went into the above, from business planning, conducting interviews (having never been interviewed myself before), to building a global team of executives were all first-time experiences for me. In executing against these things without any preconceptions or bias, I’ve developed some unique approaches and perspectives on building each stage of a business, and what “good” or even “normal” looks like.  All of which (including the many mistakes!) I hope to share with founders young and old.

As a co-founder of Paddle I was responsible for all go-to-market functions, revenue and strategy. As such, I’ll spend time with the Notion portfolio on moving from early customers to an ideal customer profile, defining and building a repeatable go-to-market motion, and building and scaling your revenue functions. I’m also excited about sharing my personal experiences of what a founder has to go through at each stage in the journey, from sleepless nights through to moving to a new country during a global pandemic.

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