Clare Truscott

Operations & Compliance Manager

My life with the Notion founders started in a small meeting room in Gloucester in 2005, allegedly being interviewed by Chris Tottman for a company called Star Technology but it ended up being a convoluted discussion about 'Crossroads'. I should have realised then that the following years would be interesting to say the least 'I came to Star from a background of Operations/Project Management and EA' I have always loved working at the rock face, giving my opinion (always appreciated?), influencing key decision making and making cost savings and efficiencies along the way. My role of Project Manager/EA started with me working at C-level with the team at both Star Technology and MessageLabs, assisting Chris to run the Global HR team at ML and ended up with being locked away spending a busy (but fascinating) few months as part of the small deal team working alongside Ian Milbourn and Stephen Chandler on the MessageLabs exit to Symantec in 2008!

I then jumped ship with the ML founders and became Employee No. 1 at Notion, working from our very first offices in Cheltenham as the Ops Manager, a great opportunity to set things up properly from the beginning. It's been fabulous to see Notion develop over the last 8 years into our busy team in Marylebone with the portfolio that we have. My current role encompasses all back office work, central administration and systems and has recently expanded to include Compliance; my natural ability to question, query and drive through process and data help to make sure our investment processes are robust and accurate.

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