Andreas Panayiotou

Operating Director, Strategy & Monetisation

From 2010 to 2022 I supported market leaders to accelerate profitable growth and achieve the margins they deserved, both as a consultant at Simon-Kucher, and as an operator at Clarivate. The businesses I supported had typically already established significant scale and market power in their own right, had identified pricing as a point of leverage for enterprise value, but wanted help in going after the full opportunity.

After joining Notion Capital in 2022 I discovered that venture capital, and the startups they fund couldn’t be more different. Despite the incredible inventiveness of startups backed by even the best funds, most won’t achieve their huge ambitions. A startup’s growth journey is unpredictable and discontinuous, hitting thresholds that need to be overcome to unlock the next stage of growth. Most get stuck along the way, building viable businesses but falling short of the full adventure they initially envisioned.

As an Operating Director at Notion Capital I support our portfolio companies to navigate the challenges so many startups face at every stage of their growth: the strategic decisions they make about the customers they will and will not serve, how they align their organisation to target and engage them and of course how they position, price and package their products.

I also write extensively on strategy and monetisation to share my learnings from our portfolio and beyond. If you want a simple and complete guide to packaging and pricing check out my website at or subscribe to my substack at for insights on strategy and monetisation.

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