Andreas Panayiotou

Director of Pricing & Monetisation

I graduated in 2008 at a particularly turbulent time, Lehman brothers had just collapsed, the employment market dried up, and I was left scrambling to find somewhere I could put my Economics degree from UCL to use. After a year with Her Majesty's Government I stumbled across a consulting firm I wasn't familiar with but was regarded as the leader in the topic I found most interesting during my degree, namely pricing.

I joined Simon-Kucher & Partners in 2010 and spent eight fantastic years travelling across the globe running top-line revenue initiatives initially across base material and construction businesses and then SaaS and B2B service providers. After reaching Director it was time to decide whether I stay and pursue partnership, or a different route, something I could make more my own. I had just led a large project for Clarivate, a business with fantastic unique assets, supporting clients across their innovation lifecycle to accelerate, commercialize and protect innovation. Over three years I built up their strategic pricing function and led a number of strategic top-line initiatives such as setting up their Inside Sales channel as the business experienced enormous growth from $1bn to $2.6bn in revenue.

As I was starting to explore what my next move should be, Stephen Millard fortuitously reached out. Pricing was coming up more regularly as a topic that founders wanted support on, and he recognized the potential value of bringing deep pricing expertise to the platform team. Notion was one of the first European funds to build a platform team and is now the first to invest in an in-house pricing capability, a continuation of its commitment to support founders as best it can and lead the industry.

Monetization is a topic I feel very passionately about and look to support founders leverage my experience to get the value they deserve for the fabulous products and services they deliver to their customers.

Outside of work, I can usually be found in one of three places, in a power rack at my local gym, an independent coffee shop or a restaurant with friends. Originally from the beautiful island of Cyprus, but born in South Africa, I've made London my home.

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