Jennifer Bers

Go-to-market and Sales Expert

Jennifer Bers has over two decades of experience both selling and leading sales teams for innovative, fast-scaling SaaS organisations and is a Notion GTM Expert.

As a native Chicagoan and lifelong Cubs fan, the belief in never giving up was instilled in me from a young age (and finally paid off in a 2016 World Series ending a 108 year drought) and has stayed with me ever since. My career in software and technology started in 1999 when on the road working for a movie studio. A tiny article in the "Life" section of USA Today, about a guy in Texas who figured out how to stream basketball games over the internet made me realise my job selling VHS to big-box retailers would quickly be toast. "Pleasant persistence" in hounding that guy, Mark Cuban, into hiring led to a role at, then Yahoo! then overseas to the UK.

I love the science behind sales: how do you set up the right frameworks for teams to be repeatable and predictable; when should you ruthlessly qualify deals both in and out; what motivates reps; who do you need on the team at various stages of growth; etc.  Having worked both in the US and UK and managed teams across EMEA I've seen and had to adapt to various cultural sales styles, though those are becoming less fragmented as SaaS becomes ubiquitous. My focus with Notion is on helping their portfolio sales leaders to create and grow high performance teams, with an emphasis on empowering sales leaders and reps with coaching, feedback, training and leading by example.

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