Charlotte Salasky

Investor Relations Director

I grew up in Virginia with an American father and a British mother and was lucky enough to get two passports out of the deal. After university I moved to New York where I had varied career, getting involved in a mixture of start-ups and anti-slavery organisations. Part of that involved launching a film production and distribution company where I ended up as the booker, providing my first experience of many with cold-calling. From there I helped set up a start-up out of my upper east side apartment which became the Upper East Side Men's Refuge given the number of team members and interns who often slept at HQ, and would later receive backing from Balderton. I worked for a Foundation supporting survivors of human trafficking, where I focused on fundraising and oversaw our programs in Southeast Asia. All of the aforementioned had capital raising needs where I was exposed to the full spectrum of high net worth donors, institutions, foundations and venture capital firms.

After five years in New York I moved to London via an MBA at London Business School where my background in fundraising led me to private equity placement. I spent five years at Asante Capital, a global placement and advisory firm, raising capital for venture capital and private equity clients including tech and venture investors such as Summit Partners, Creandum and Potentia Capital.

Entrepreneurs are the people I respect and admire the most and I've been lucky enough to work with a few exceptional ones throughout my career. This passion coupled with my experience in capital raising led me to Notion where I am very excited to be focused on raising capital for our funds and supporting our portfolio companies with their capital raising requirements.

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