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I was born and raised in Romania and growing up I have always been fascinated by technology. In my free time I enjoy building things and I think of myself as a software engineer - my very first piece of code (beyond cout<<“Hello World”;) was part of an online e-commerce website.

I moved to London when I was 18 for my undergraduate degree at UCL where I studied a joint degree in Computer Science and Management. I joined Notion in 2021 and previously used to work at a tech scaleup called UiPath, where I was part of their Corporate Strategy team prior to the IPO.

What I value the most about Notion is our culture, which we try to reflect internally and externally. Our goal as a fund is to support exceptional founders and companies in their journey and we try to think about ourselves as being one with our portfolio.

Here at Notion I get very excited about anything European B2B & SaaS - I have a personal affinity towards developer tools and infrastructure, together with companies coming out of Central Eastern Europe, which is a region I call home.

Contact Radu on rbozga@notion.vc to discuss startups in CEE.

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