Stephen Millard

Operating Partner & Chief Platform Officer

My journey to Notion has had plenty of ups and downs, from large corporates (7 years at Oracle) to entrepreneurial failures (too many to mention), from successful start-ups (MessageLabs) to numerous go to market strategies, turn-arounds and fund raises. My experience has been honed by 30+ years (agh!!) in enterprise tech sales and marketing and a commitment to learning and personal reinvention. Chris Tottman recruited me into MessageLabs and wove me back into his web to lead the Notion Platform. I love the work - connecting people, sharing knowledge and stepping back to solve big problems and take enormous satisfaction from the vicarious success of venture. But the biggest kick is working with entrepreneurs who believe passionately in the possibility of achieving the highly improbable.

My goal for the Notion Platform is simple - to ensure our founders (and their wider teams) feel part of a winning tribe and have an extraordinarily good experience when they take our money, helping them make their entrepreneurial success just a little less improbable.

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