Jos White

General Partner

My journey in business started with endless hours around our family dining table while growing up. My father was (and still is!) an obsessive entrepreneur and we would talk and talk for hours about the excitement and the romance of running your own business and taking on the world.This inspired myself and my brother Ben to start three businesses including Star in 1995 and MessageLabs in 2000. Star was one of the UK's first ISP's and MessageLabs was one of the world's first software as a service ('SaaS') companies. We built MessageLabs into a $150m ARR business that was acquired by Symantec in 2008 for $700m.

I'm very proud of and grateful for the businesses we created and the amazing experiences, people and learnings they gave me access to. I was a shy kid daunted by the big wide world and my entrepreneurial journey gave me more fun, excitement and purpose than I could ever have imagined.At Notion we are trying to build a team and a platform that can be a powerful and scalable resource in European enterprise tech, driving success for our portfolio and beyond. I like to think that we have our own 'dining table' at Notion where we spend hours talking about how we can keep doing better at creating the right conditions for extraordinary success.

I'm obsessed with entrepreneurs who have the fire burning inside and who, when they say "I'm going to build a huge business" you actually believe them and will do anything to be involved.

Companies include: Avrios (acquired), CognaCurrencyCloud (acquired), Dixa, Element,FiveAI (acquired), Flip, Futrli, Glofox, Idio, M3ter, Mews, Scoota, Shutl (acquired), TestGorilla, Topia, Trustev (acquired).

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