Alan Millard

Leadership and Teams Expert

Alan has a reputation for harnessing the collective wisdom of leadership teams and coaching leaders to be successful through their teams. His aim is for leaders to be high performing, successful, and have fun at the same time. 

Whilst there are well-established leadership skills, becoming a leader of leaders is unique to each person, there is no blueprint. As long as they are humble, the secret is to harness their particular personality and skills to best effect. Alan helps to shape the role and behaviours to achieve this.

He has worked at board level as Chair, NED, and COO and over 20 years in global businesses and VC-backed companies. He has wide experience working for JP Morgan (tech M&A), Hiscox (COO), Standard Chartered bank (strategy), and Deutsche bank (crypto-security) and across Pharma (GSK), Tech (IBM) and Brewing (SABMiller). He started as a coder but not a very good one. Also founded an M&A boutique firm (£100-£500m deal size) and a Change Management consultancy. Originally developing his career through managing large projects (£100m+) and has an MBA from Henley Business School.

Alan is constantly challenging himself and is an experienced mountain climber, summiting in the Himalayas, Andes and the Alps. He is also a qualified sky-diver, and currently learning to paraglide. Alan has been coaching CEOs and leadership teams within the Table Group for the last 7 years and is also a flawed human who often just tries to figure out a way to lead people well.


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