Nick Cheetham

GTM and Culture Expert

Nick Cheetham is an experienced advisor and former operator guiding tech scale-ups through critical growth phases. A 30-year track record of driving tech and fintech ventures from early-stage startups to industry leaders. Now working in an advisory capacity, to bring a wealth of experience to burgeoning companies eager to scale. Partnering with CEOs and leadership teams to transform startup agility into scalable strategies, turning generalists into specialists, and shaping systemic order out of startup chaos.

Leveraging the experience gained in pivotal roles in VC-backed companies, usually as Chief Revenue Officer for high growth, international Go-To-Market teams; as well as leading a full P&L division in a public company. Resulting in several exits to U.S. giants—most recently a landmark $1B exit to Visa. Passionate about servant leadership, empowering teams to surpass their own expectations. An advocate for stakeholder capitalism, championing a mission that extends value beyond shareholders, emphasising organisational health, ensuring customer and employee success is at the heart of every decision.

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