Michelle Cheng

Director of Talent

I grew up in a family of immigrant small business owners near the Canadian Rocky Mountains. My first taste of entrepreneurship involved afternoons helping at my uncle's Chinese apothecary and my grandmother's market stall - their everyday grit and determination shaped a deep respect for founders I still have today. Pursuing an interest in inclusive employment, I started a literacy programme in university for refugees facing barriers in their job seeking. After graduating, I worked in strategy consulting for Accenture where I spent seven years advising Fortune 500 companies on growth, talent strategy and scaling major change initiatives.

I traveled across North America for projects, eventually settling in New York City. Specialising in organisational effectiveness, I led projects analysing workforce strategy with clients including the United Nations and a research partnership with Harvard Business School on job credentials. I moved to London in 2017, where I led innovation projects with technology founders across Europe to re-skill people in jobs impacted by automation. Consulting fed my fascination for solving big problems, but I was hungry to make more of an impact. I did my MBA at London Business School where I started working with London-based venture builders including Zinc. That brought me to Notion, where I get to be part of an entrepreneurial and energetic team led by former founders. It's truly a privilege to help disruptive companies to grow their people and organisations.

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