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Growing up in Barcelona, my family always encouraged and pushed me to be independent, openminded and resilient. Having a serial entrepreneur as a father, always with a new project or idea in mind, inspired and shaped me as the person I am today.During my time at university, I co-founded a pop-up flower business, organized multiple events to connect students with start-ups and started the new branch of an NGO to support and give access to education to kids in Malawi. My cultural and intellectual curiosity led me to several international experiences: having studied in the US and Singapore, worked in UK and Qatar, volunteered in Guatemala and Malawi, and travelled over 40 countries.When I graduated, I worked as a strategy consultant at Deloitte for 3 years, and then moved to an investment growth fund, where I learned the basics of investment. But when I really fell in love with technology and the start-up world was when I started to do angel investments together with my father and brothers, empowering promising founders in Barcelona.I found the opportunity of working closely with passionate, smart and ambitious founders fascinating. So, I decided I wanted to work in tech in London.

I did my MBA at London Business School where I met extraordinary people and had the opportunity to work for Seaya Ventures, Series A VC based in Madrid, which unlocked my door to investing. Joining Notion is like reaching a peak. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a hard-working, fun and very experienced team.In London, when I am not meeting Europe's most forward-thinking humans, you can find me running in Regents Park, planning my next big trip or eating tacos with friends.

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