Sebuh Mesfin

Head of Digital Marketing

As a graduate of the inaugural cohort of Included VC a fellowship aimed at diversifying talent within the venture capital industry, it's an absolute pleasure to join Notion Capital as their first Funnel Marketing Manager. Sitting within Notion's Platform team, I will be using my B2B marketing experience, strategies and playbooks to engage, build relationships and add value to Europe's best early stage SaaS founders. The opportunity to re-define how VCs "do marketing" is an exciting challenge, and something I have been thinking about for a long time.

Prior to joining Notion, I spent 1.5 years as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Fanbytes, the UK's leading Gen Z advertising agency. I was lucky enough to work underneath Forbes 30 under 30 CEO "Timothy Armoo" building a B2B digital marketing engine that helped us scale from 25 to 50 employees during the pandemic. I had a lot of fun unlocking new revenue channels (with 8x return on investment), using automation to streamline our processes, driving massive brand awareness with creative ads and generating thousands of leads with our digital funnels.It gets even better. During that time, I linked up with diversity, tech and investing powerhouse"Andy Ayim MBE"to co-found the AIS (Angel Investing School). Driven by our conversations around the importance of education in making the space more diverse, we built an online angel investing school and community. The aim? To provide a pathway for diverse professionals to learn how to become extraordinary angel investors and make an impact. Now on it's 4th cohort, we have taught over 150 AIS graduates who have gone on to make 10+ angel investments. As Europe enters its "Golden Age of Tech", and with increasing VC competition from the US, it is now time for Notion's next evolution. It's time to change the game, time to take Notion Capital to the next level, and it'S an honour to be part of this mission with such a talented, intelligent and passionate team.

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