We are launching a series of People: Start, Build, Scale workshops over the next few weeks. Interested in attending these workshops? Click here to register your interest.

Start to Build: How to Evolve your Hiring

We are launching a series of People: Start, Build, Scale workshops over the next few weeks. Interested in attending these workshops? Click here to register your interest.

Start to Build: How to evolve your hiring

  • Transitioning from Start to Build stage is a transformative phase for startups, requiring a shift from creative chaos to structured operations.
  • In this podcast, we explore challenges and opportunities during this transition, especially in recruitment and hiring.
  • Insights are shared by guest speakers Jarrad Kabral (VP of Engineering) and Ed Ross (Director of Talent), offering their experiences in building high-performing teams during this critical growth phase.


Impact of Inconsistency in Hiring

  • Inconsistent hiring processes result in uneven skill sets, negatively impacting competence within the workforce.
  • Poor candidate experience due to varying criteria and expectations harms the company's reputation.
  • Trust and consistency are crucial; inconsistent processes slow down hiring and hinder data-driven decisions.
  • Maintaining consistency ensures the right talent is selected, streamlines hiring, and creates a positive candidate experience, vital for business growth.


Hiring Strategy

  • Define the New Normal: Recalibrate hiring criteria to align with evolving business needs.
  • No Exceptions to the Bar: Ensure every hire follows the defined process without exceptions.
  • Maintain Cultural Alignment: Preserve and quantify cultural elements, involving all leaders in aligning cultural expectations.


Key Principles

  •  Right Leaders in Place: Leadership must align with culture, values, and hiring objectives.
  •  Communication and Alignment: Maintain clear communication about the shift from Start to Build stage.
  •  Values-Driven Culture: Emphasise company values in hiring to create a cohesive and consistent experience.



  • Standardised Interview Processes: Ensure similarity in interview processes across departments.
  • Calibration: Align expectations among stakeholders for consistent decision-making.
  • Process Mapping: Visualise the entire hiring journey to identify bottlenecks and improve the candidate experience.



  • Productivity Metrics: Measure outputs, like "Hires per Recruiter per Quarter," for team efficiency.
  • Process Efficiency Metrics: Track time-to-fill, time-to-hire, and time-to-source to optimise the workflow.
  • Input Metrics: Assess candidate quality and quantity entering the recruitment funnel.
  • Quality of Hire: Analyse feedback to improve hiring processes.
  • Choose tools that align with specific needs and provide practical solutions.



  • Empower recruiters to drive best practices and uphold hiring standards.
  • Recruiters should take ownership, focusing on quality over quantity.
  • Encourage a 360-degree approach where recruiters engage with all aspects of the hiring process.
  • Prioritise collaboration and ownership over a specific org chart structure.



  •   Recruiters must evolve into true partners, capable of autonomous decision-making.
  •   Establish clear roles and responsibilities within the team.
  •   Foster a collaborative and communicative team to navigate growth effectively.


Pitfalls to Avoid in Transition

Take-away from Ed:

  • Avoid over-reliance on a single individual for hiring; distribute responsibilities.
  • Maintain consistency in hiring processes across different departments.
  • Establish a standardised hiring approach for the entire organisation.


Take-away from Jarrad:

  • Maintain a high talent bar and avoid compromising on quality, even under pressure.
  • Deliberately transition the hiring process to a refined and organised approach.
  • Treat the transition as a significant shift in mindset and strategy for meaningful change within the organisation.

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