Source: TechCrunch‘Hero of FinTech'1 creating a world where moving money is easy

Viva la payments revolución! Currencycloud secures $10m in funding

Source: TechCrunch‘Hero of FinTech'1 creating a world where moving money is easy


Source: TechCrunch

LONDON, UK (16 April 2014): The Currency Cloud, an international payments engine, has raised $10m in a Series B funding round to complement the $9M invested in 2012. The full round came from existing investors Atlas Venture, Anthemis Group, Notion Capital and XAnge Private Equity with Silicon Valley Bank providing a further line of capital.

Making an international payment through traditional channels can be expensive, opaque and complicated due to out dated processes and high margin foreign exchange practices. The Currency Cloud is a software-as-a-service company, which believes small businesses and consumers deserve a better service, and that technology is the way to deliver it.

The Currency Cloud’s customers include payments firms (Payoneer, Kantox, Azimo, TransferWise) banks (Fidor Bank, MedBank), and e-commerce solutions (Sofort, Zippcard). By connecting via a simple API, they can access a global network providing quick, transparent and secure international payments, benefits that they can pass to their customers. The Currency Cloud provides full transparency on its margins and wholesale rates. Setup time is minimal.

The Currency Cloud has achieved strong growth over the last 18 months: the total number of transactions passing through its network has increased twelvefold year on year and the company is now securely moving billions of dollars around the world per annum.

Mike Laven, CEO of Currency Cloud, comments: “Traditional international payments are broken. We’re bringing to this market the levels of efficiency and simplicity that companies like Stripe have brought to consumer payments.”

“While 85 percent of international payments go through banks, more and more businesses are now turning to us to provide their international payments capabilities. Unlike other payments providers, we make cross-border payments transparent and frictionless. New clients can also get set up with our service quickly via our developer-friendly API.”

“As a technology firm, it is in our DNA to continually build our capabilities so that we can offer the best possible service for our customers. With this investment, we can further refine our platform and expand into new geographies. We operate in a truly global sector and want businesses in different parts of the world to enjoy simple, secure and reliable cross border payments.”

Erin Lockwood, Managing Director of Commercial Banking at Silicon Valley Bank’s UK Branch said: “We are excited to be working with Currency Cloud and look forward to being a long term partner as the business grows. The company is using technology to solve an important client need, which we believe has huge potential.”


For more information please contact:

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Tel. 020 7608 8358

About The Currency Cloud

The Currency Cloud is transforming the international payments landscape by delivering international payments as a cloud-based service. We’ve built it for companies – such as payments service providers, banks, and remittance and foreign exchange specialists – all of which need to provide international payments services to their customers. Our service is transparent, easy to use, fast and trusted. We believe there is a better way to make international payments. We believe in a world where moving money is easy.

1Alex Scandurra, Director of Innovation Strategy & Business Development, Barclays, at ‘City Futures: Financial Services and the Role of Technology in its Future’ 21st January 2014

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