Adbrain launches Cortex; a new breed of data intelligence

February 25th, 2015 - Adbrain, the data intelligence company, is announcing the launch of Cortex, the first Data Intelligence Platform of its kind where data and insights merge into one. Cortex is a deceptively simple tool that empowers data rich advertisers, publishers, and technology vendors to discover their audiences across smartphone, tablet and desktop devices at the click of a button.

Cortex launched at the end of 2014 with early partners including Media iQ, a successful global analytics and technology business. Paul Silver, Chief Strategy Officer at Media iQ explains, “In recent years we have seen that audience fragmentation across devices impacts performance. Cortex complements our analytics platform, AiQ, allowing unique reach and frequency measurement and user-targeting across devices to boost campaign performance. This has enabled us to generate incremental ROI and create new business opportunities.”

Tim Abraham, Adbrain’s Head of Data Platforms added, “We've built the platform to be compatible with the most common existing ad tech infrastructure. This was a deliberate strategy because it allows our clients to quickly extract value from multi-screen by using their current setup, whether that be a data management platform, demand-side platform, or ad server.”

Cortex is powered by Adbrain’s proprietary device graph, an algorithm driven approach to identification that uses artificial intelligence and big data systems to make sense of audiences across billions of devices. Adbrain’s approach to identification is unique in that it’s a pure cross-device technology that does not rely on serving media impressions to function. The algorithm provides the first truly scalable cross device solution, for example over 80% of mobile devices observed are successfully matched to other mobile devices at an accuracy of 90%+. Currently Cortex is being used for a variety of applications:

MULTI-SCREEN - Discover multi-screen audiences at the click of button, find a single audience across their respective smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. Upgrading to a multi-screen world has never been simpler. This is a perfect way to increase GRP reach for brand campaigns.

MOBILE RETARGETING - Businesses with a desktop audience can effectively re-target their audience across mobile devices, driving performance uplift.

SEQUENTIAL MESSAGING - Consumers casually switch between devices throughout the day, with sequential messaging you can deliver a consistent advertising campaign across all devices to ensure positive brand engagement.

ATTRIBUTION INSIGHTS - Use Cortex to help reveal unique audience insights by discovering how users interact with brands across devices and how those interactions influence conversions.

Multi-screen audiences can be reached via Synapse, Adbrain’s demand-side platform, or the client’s preferred technology partner whether that be a data management or demand-side platform.

About Adbrain

Adbrain is a data intelligence company at the forefront of the multi-screen advertising revolution. Powered by the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, Adbrain’s technology transforms data into actionable insights, empowering advertisers to connect with their audiences in real-time, across smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices.

Adbrain is a high-growth enterprise technology company backed by leading institutional investors with offices across the US and UK.

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