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I have been lucky to have a career that has taken me to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, and the glamorous Arkansas. If I were to pick one moment that shaped my thinking about entrepreneurship, it would be the summer before university, when I worked as a door to door salesperson as it was literally the only job I could get. This humbling (and terribly inefficient) experience taught me the importance of learning to sell, building sales processes and how to scale sales teams. I used these learnings to build my first company, a professional services business which grew to 53 staff and was EBITDA positive from the first month.

Before becoming a VC, I was lucky enough to be an early employee in three early-stage fintech startups. This is easily the most difficult thing I have done and as such, I have great empathy and respect for anyone brave enough to go on the startup journey. After this, I joined an alternative investment manager, where I built an online investment platform which has sold over £150m of bonds with barely any marketing spend, before helping to set up their Venture Capital arm. As an investor, I have backed over 20 startups, including; Credit Kudos (acquired by Apple), Vauban, Ably, and Quit Genius.

At Notion, I lead the pre-seed and seed strategy. I wouldn't dare to say I have a particular thesis as my thinking is constantly evolving, but I often find myself attracted to founders that have personally lived the pain they are solving within another business, and are hell-bent on fixing this. Whilst a B2B generalist, I have tended to have a fintech bias. I have been lucky to work with some amazing founders and am grateful that they let me tag along for the journey. We fund and support entrepreneurs, they make it happen, We don't take credit for someone else's success.

Outside of work, I am an enthusiastic but very average rock climber. Most of my holidays involve testing myself on a mountain somewhere.

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