The lost art of storytelling - Why is it more fun to talk about my cat than my business?

When: Tues 26 March, 16.00 - 17.00 GMT / 17.00 - 18.00 CET



We're hosting a session on business narrative creation and control with Dave Peterson and Cole Schafer.

You ever wonder why it is so fun and easy to talk about your kids, friends, and your pet’s latest adventure. Yet, it’s almost impossible to channel that same spirit, joy, and excitement when explaining your business?

Well, Dave and Cole have wondered about this for a long time. And they have some answers.

Dave Peterson is the co-author of the best selling book Play Bigger, former Celonis CMO, and soon-to-be-professional pickleball player. (Apologies to Padel fans.). He helps companies create and control their narratives through his Lake Marie advisory shop. And yes, his cat Charlie Biscuits is on his website.

Cole is a multi-hyphenated writer, poet, and wordsmith. He is renowned for producing what can only be described as drop-dead gorgeous copy for businesses of all types. He publishes books, poetry, and helps companies through his agency Honey Copy. And no, he does not have a cat on his website. But he has a very cool dog that never leaves his side.

Dave and Cole like to work, eat, drink together while roaming the planet solving business problems - all by helping companies create and control their stories and narratives.

They are also fans of Notion Capital. And they are here for an hour for behind the scenes work to discuss the power of storytelling and narrative control in your business.

Buckle up and sign up.

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