With Jacco vanderKooij

Strategic Sales workshop - How to sell larger deals

With Jacco vanderKooij

We'll be hosting a webinar with Winning By Design's Founder and CEO Jacco vanderKooij.

Registrations are now closed.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 26th March at 4pm - 5.45pm GMT.

  • Training on the topic of: Enterprise sales, focused on high ACV sales, £25,000 and above.
  • Target audience: Sales and Marketing professionals, VP to Individual Contributor
  • Areas covered:
  1. Provocative Selling
  2. Drive Impact & Urgency
  3. Establish the Decision Process
  4. Perform the Stakeholder Meeting

We ask attendees to watch in advance the following videos (5-7 mins each), so we can progress to the more advanced skills.

  1. Performing a Discovery Call
  2. Leverage Question Based Techniques
  3. Perform a Demonstration
  4. Master Storytelling Performing to Trade

Winning by Design's sessions are usually interactive, so please be prepared to engage!

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