Notion Growth Summit 2024

Where: 3 Crown Pl, London EC2A 4EB, United Kingdom

When: Thurs 20 June, 13.00 - 18.00, followed by happy hour

Register: This is a closed event for the Notion portfolio. Please email for details.


We're hosting our first Notion Growth Summit on the afternoon of 20 June, where we'll be sharing best practices in various stages of your growth journey.

A full agenda will be released closer to the time, but you can expect sessions on the following:

- Growth as a step function and how to keep reinventing

- Breakouts on how the key growth functions, such as marketing, sales and CS, evolve at the different stages of growth

- How to nail the start and build phases of growth

Confirmed speakers so far include:

- Pat Phelan, Managing Director & Chief Customer Officer, GoCardless

- Andrew Davies, CMO, Paddle

- Jennifer Bers, GTM Expert, Notion Capital

- Harrison Rose, CEO, GoodFit

- Amy Musk, COO, FullCircl

... and plenty more to follow!

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