Mastering Board Management with Matt Welle, CEO of Mews

We would like to invite you to a webinar we are hosting with Matt Welle, CEO of Mews. Mews is one of Europe's fastest-growing private SaaS companies with revenues exceeding $100 million. This event is tailored for Founders, CEOs, leadership teams seeking to elevate their board management strategies.

When: Weds 24 Jan, 12.00 - 13.00 GMT / 13.00 - 14.00 CET

Registration: This event is closed for the Notion Portfolio only. Please email for details

During the webinar, Matt will discuss the following points:

  • Evolution of the board pack: Gain insights into the evolution of Mews' board pack over the years
  • Timely creation without overwhelming management: Learn how Mews creates its board pack within strict timelines without overwhelming senior management input
  • Communication through video recording: Explore the innovative use of video recordings to communicate the board pack five days prior to the meeting
  • Pre-board meeting Q&A: Understand the significance of addressing Q&A sessions before the board meeting, streamlining discussions
  • Addressing strategic challenges: Discover how Mews ensures board meetings focus on strategic challenges critical to success
  • Ideal board template: Get insights into Mews' ideal board template, providing a valuable blueprint for optimising your own board management

This event promises a unique opportunity to gain actionable insights to enhance your board management approach.

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