With Headline Media.

Generating Press in the New Tech Landscape

With Headline Media.

We're excited to be hosting a session with Headline Media, who've already been working closely with some of the Notion family. Headline Media are a tech PR and strategic communication firm based in Tel Aviv, with an office in London

This session will focus on understanding what is going on behind the scenes in the tech media landscape and the challenges of working with an agency in this environment. The discussion will also lay out DIY tactics to secure exposure for your company when you don’t have significant news, including contributed content placement and leveraging data to bring value to journalists.

The final part of discussion will discuss the importance of founder persona in the new tech landscape and how to leverage thought leadership to provide value to journalists and establish sustainable and fruitful relationships with key press outlets for your company

Topics of discussion will include:

  • The Current Rugged Tech Media Landscape
  • Save Your Money: Why Most Startups Shouldn’t Hire a PR Agency
  • Tactics for Driving Coverage Without News
  • The Evolution of Founder – Market Fit
  • What is (and what isn’t) Thought Leadership?
  • Providing Value to the Press: Leveraging Contributed Content and Data To “Own a Piece” of Key Discussions
  • Developing and Maintaining Relationships with Key Journalists in Your Space

We'll close with Q&A.

When: Weds 22nd September, 14.00 - 15.00 BST / 15.00 - 16.00 CEST

Registration: Please email comms@notion.vc for details

The session will be hosted by Mike Bargman and Daphne Algom.

Mike Bargman is Headline Media’s CEO. Mike has served as an international communication consultant for 22 UN agencies operating worldwide. Since co-founding Headline Media, Mike has overseen communication for Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Israel Innovation Authority, building the Israeli innovation ecosystem into a globally recognized tech brand. Mike is passionate about scaling up startups and helping them down on giants. Mike has helped HM portfolio companies raise over $1.5 B per year in investment, and is particularly proud to have taken over two dozen companies through IPO or exit.

Daphne Algom was an award winning producer for ABC News in its Middle Eastern Bureau, and a producer at CNN’s international newsmagazine show, CNN&TIME in Atlanta, Georgia. Since co-founding Headline Media, Daphne has directed PR strategy and outreach for multiple unicorns including Wix, Rapyd, Ironsource, Lemonade, Appsflyer, Lightricks, Rapyd, Kaltura, MyHeritage, and dozens of other “tech darlings”. Daphne has been named to Business Insider’s prestigious Top 50 People in Tech PR, chosen yearly by technology and top tier journalists from the US publications.

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