With James Parton and Caroline Lewko.

Developer-led strategies

With James Parton and Caroline Lewko.

We're pleased to invite you to an event we are hosting on 27th May, 16.00 BST, on developer-led strategies.

This session and the Q&A will cover Developer Relations 101 including:

- The six trends leading to the rise of the developer

- The developer market and the developer journey

- Developers as decision makers

- Developer segmentation & personas

- Developer First and Developer Plus companies

- B2D vs. B2B & B2C

- Build vs. buy

- Developer Relations Framework

- DevRel market leaders and DevRel investment motivations

- Go to market and developer messaging

- Self serve & marketing automation

- Measurement and traps

Speaking at this session will be:

James Parton

James created and ran Developer Programs for O2 & Telefonica, before joining Twilio as their first hire outside of the US to launch and run their EMEA business until IPO. James has also completed successful 2 year board positions with The Application Developer Alliance and the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. James runs The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, UK, where he partners with Cambridge University to support entrepreneurial outcomes for students, as well as providing workspace and community for technology start-ups in the region.

Caroline Lewko

Since 1995, Caroline Lewko has been in the mobile and tech sector helping develop ground-breaking tech and nurturing community connections and innovation. She started WIP, the first boutique Developer Relations agency in 2006, and has worked for companies ranging from the top ranks of the Fortune 500 to start-ups with an array of technologies from mobile to machine learning

James and Caroline are currently co-writing a ground-breaking book which will provide a strategic perspective on Developer Relations for the first time, due out on Apress in 2021.

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