Notion's Customer Success Day

We are hosting a Customer Success Day in June with our Customer Success Expert, Dan Steinman.

When: Weds 22nd June, 9am - 7pm

Where: Central London

Registration: Please email if you are in the portfolio and would like details of this event

Please note, there is a maximum capacity we can host at the venue, so please reserve a space early if you'd like to attend.


09.00 - 10.00: Coffee and introductions

10.00: Opening remarks

10.40: Roundtable discussion: Who owns renewals / upsells?

12.00: Lunch

13.30: Roundtable topic presentations

14.00: Customer success panel: Evolution of customer success


Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer, GoCardless

Pamela Alvarez, VP Customer Success, Dixa

Lara Barnes, Global VP CS and Renewals, Sitecore

14.50: Break

15.10: Roundtables: Customer success board presentation prep

16.00: Board presentations

17.00: Happy hour at Drake and Morgan, 6 Pancras Sq, London N1C 4AG

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