Munch is the all-in-one website builder

Munch is the all-in-one website builder: a tool that empowers creators, enabling anyone with a smartphone to build a fully personalized, fully functional online store in minutes. With Munch, users have the ability to create hyper-personalised websites using an intuitive and unrestrictive drag and drop editor - these sites are named “munches”. All Munch’s templates are completely customisable, with no design restrictions that come as a result of your choice of template. Munch has an e-commerce layer that lets you create physical or digital products from scratch to sell on any of your sites. The munch builder has everything one would need to supercharge sales and turn regular customers into loyal fans that come back for more. If you’re not interested in selling, the use cases are still virtually infinite: whether you want to send a digital birthday card or showcase your photography in a portfolio or even just make a simple link page for your socials. It’s all possible with Munch.

Led by:
Alex Bondarev
CEO & Founder

Alex was born in Ukraine, spending his early years there before moving to London with his parents, where he attended school and graduated university. In 2011 at the age of 22, Alex set up a business importing Egyptian furniture into Europe, and needed a website to address a rapidly growing customer base. Dissatisfied with his options at the time, he taught himself how to code and built it himself, as well as taking a further interest in machine learning algorithms. In 2015, Alex co-founded Sentisum, an AI-driven customer analytics platform who currently count Nestle and Accenture amongst their clients. In 2018, Alex moved to Prague to work at Credo Ventures where he was an associate for 2 years; as well as looking at deal-flows, Alex built the first pod of their deal sourcing engine. He left to found Munch in 2021 with the aim of making the web more authentic and accessible to everyone, driven by his struggles from 10 years before and the knowledge that web-building has barely evolved since that time.

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