The Notion Cloud Challengers Report

January 2022

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Welcome to Notion Capital’s first Cloud Challengers report

The report aims to identify the leading early stage cloud companies across Europe. Notion has teamed up with Rare Consulting, an independent research company, to develop a comprehensive methodology (much of which we use in our day-to-day work) to identify the top 100 early stage B2B Software and Cloud companies across Europe. There is plenty of great research and news coverage available on the overall European cloud services market and its more established players. However, we think the emerging stage receives far less of the coverage than it deserves - and that instructive insight can be gained. We have therefore taken the opportunity to dive into this stage in more detail.

I hope you enjoy the report.

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Jos White
General Partner, Notion Capital

Report highlights

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Customer Success is the trusted guide customers love

Customer Success Managers bring a wealth of domain expertise and credibility to our customers. Their consultative approach starts moving the flywheel in a land-and-expand approach with each customer. This virtuous loop, led by Customer Success, is the revenue-driver of our business." Richard Counsell, CEO, Stable
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Time is ticking: show value or go home

Whilst time to first value is key in both subscription and consumption models, in a consumption-based model the window to prove value is significantly narrower. From onboarding to adoption, urgency is greatly increased in the Consumption Economy.” Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer, GoCardless
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Customer Success is the driver of revenue

Product adoption, as driven by Customer Success, is an absolute necessity. Every person in Customer Success at CurrencyCloud is incentivized on revenue and Customer Success is accepted across the entire company as a must-have. Ian Beth, VP, CurrencyCloud
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Customer Success: from nice-to-have to must-have

Over the past ten years, from Nextel to Cloudera to Mews, I’ve watched Customer Success move from nice-to-have to must-have, because of its part in moving the revenue needle through existing customers. Blynn Buckley, Chief Customer Officer, Mews
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Jos White

General Partner

Kamil Mieczakowski


Ines de Lestapis


Michelle Cheng

Head of Talent

Stephanie Oldham


We hope you enjoy the report!

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